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6th Street Park

GPS: N37 38 26.13 W98 43 53.23

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Avenue of Flags

Avenue of Flags

GPS: N37 38 43.43 W98 43 50.42

Located at First and Stout Gateway Park, as it was originally called, was purchased by the City of Pratt in 1928 at a sheriff's sale for $100.00. When the flag poles were erected, the park took on a patriotic theme and provided an impressive display to the many visitors of Pratt. Future plans and developments will center around the patriotic theme.   More Info »

Centennial Park

GPS: N37 38 36.17 W98 44 00.08

Formally known as the “Rose Garden” this park was donated to the City of Pratt by the Barrett family in 1939. The park was not developed until 1955 when the Pratt Park Board and the Pratt Art Association developed a Rose Garden design. At one time over 2,200 rose bushes of every variety were planted in the park creating a spectacular display. In 1975 the maintenance of the rose bushes proved too much for the many volunteers who maintained the park and its numerous rose bushes. Soon the....   More Info »

Champa Street Park

GPS: N37 39 02.74 W98 43 52.26

The city purchased the land in 1922 and was turned into a beautiful 1 acre neighborhood park. This small park hoses the Pratt water tower and provides some playground equipment, a shelter house and restroom facilities.   More Info »

Cherry Street Park

GPS: N37 39 01.00 W98 43 58.80

Cherry Street Park, originally named Cottonwood Park, was donated to the City of Pratt in 1947 by Walter and Golda Pedigo. This small neighborhood park is located at the corner of School and Curtis streets and lies in a low portion of the city that was once part of the east sand-draw. This underdeveloped park is perfect for baseball/softball practice, frisbie, kite flying or any activity that needs a large open area.   More Info »

Country Club Road Park

GPS: N37 38 31.04 W98 43 17.09

Country Club Road Park is a 3 ½ acre park donated to the City of Pratt park system in 1962 when Western Savings Association developed the Parklane housing project. It is situated at the corner of Country Club Road and Sixth Street, and serves as a playground for the children of the area. It also serves as a link in the city’s flood plan from the Cotton Belt Railroad tracks to the Ninnescah River.   More Info »

Ellis D. Kinney Swimming Pool

GPS: N37 38 39.27 W98 43 50.45

The land, where the Ellis D. Kinney Swimming Pool is located, was acquired in 1928 at a sheriff’s sale. In 1931 the citizens of Pratt approved a recreation bond of $35,000.00 for the construction of the pool. The municipal pool project was aided by labor from the Works Progress Administration (WPA), and the bonds were paid off by the city light fund.The pool and bath house have been up-dated several times over the years. The pool was official named in honor of Ellis D. Kinney in 1998.   More Info »

Gebhart Park

GPS: N37 38 42.81 W98 44 37.55

This little neighborhood park at the corner of Hamilton and Second Streets was donated to the City of Pratt by S. P. and Martha Gebhart in 1930. A small wading pool is the main attraction of the park. Other features include a shelter house, playground equipment and restroom facilities.   More Info »

Graves Park and Walter Blake Tennis Complex

Graves Park and Walter Blake Tennis Complex

GPS: N37 38 36.62 W98 43 53.94

Graves Park - The city began purchasing the land for this park in 1931, and the last section of this 7.5 acre park was purchased in 1972. Located at the corner of Third and Rochester Streets this park completed the link of the City of Pratt park system from First Street (Hwy 54) and Lake Road.Walter Blake Tennis Complex - Located in Graves Park this 10 court Tennis Complex, (6 lighted courts) has been the site of numerous KSHSAA and KJCCC Tennis Tournaments. Named after local tennis coach Wa....   More Info »

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Green Sports Complex

GPS: N37 38 25.18 W98 42 50.75

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Hampton Pennock Park

GPS: N37 39 18.83 W98 43 41.85

This small neighborhood park located at in the north east corner of Pratt was dedicated in 1995. This 2.5 acre park has a ¼ mile paved walking path.   More Info »

Lemon Park

Lemon Park

GPS: N37 38 09.93 W98 44 09.07

Located at the southern end of Pine Street "Lemon Park" stands as a living memorial to one of the outstanding pioneers of this area, Mr. George W. Lemon.In 1905 the land was purchased by the Pratt Fair Association from pioneer and businessman George Smith. Mr. Lemon then aquired the site, then 80 acres, in 1920 when the Pratt County Fair Association disbanded. The property was sold to Mr. Lemon for $12,000.00. He promised to develop the area and return it to the city as a park.On F....   More Info »

Liberty Middle School

GPS: N37 38 35.39 W98 44 32.61

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Loren Babe Minnis

GPS: N37 38 17.02 W98 44 23.61

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May Dennis Park

GPS: N37 39 07.48 W98 44 40.63

The largest park on the west side of Pratt, May Dennis Park is located at the corner of Mound and Logan Streets. This park was purchased by the City of Pratt in 1948 for $125,000.00 as a flood control project and designated Rock Island Park.This park became May Dennis Park in 1953, this 17 acre park has become home to the Carl Carlson Soccer Complex, a 27 hole Disc Golf Course, playground equipment and restroom facilities. The many trees make this park an excellent picnic location.   More Info »

Municipal Building

GPS: N37 38 37.45 W98 44 27.29

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Pelican Pool

GPS: N37 38 42.01 W98 43 51.26

South of the Avenue of Flags, the street curves around a beautiful fountain circled by tall Colorado Blue Spruce Trees.In 1932, Mr. Walter Pedigo, commissioned a fountain to be created in this location. Bruce Moore was selected to create the fountain sculpture. A Pelican Sculpture was designed, built and placed in the center of this tiny triangular park. The design was awarded first prize at the Sculptors National Academy of Design in New York, and the Ellen P. Speyer award for best animal s....   More Info »

Pratt High School

GPS: N37 38 33.00 W98 44 39.12

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Zerger Park

GPS: N37 38 43.71 W98 44 04.79

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