Centennial Park

GPS: N37 38 36.17 W98 44 00.08

Formally known as the “Rose Garden” this park was donated to the City of Pratt by the Barrett family in 1939. The park was not developed until 1955 when the Pratt Park Board and the Pratt Art Association developed a Rose Garden design. At one time over 2,200 rose bushes of every variety were planted in the park creating a spectacular display.

 In 1975 the maintenance of the rose bushes proved too much for the many volunteers who maintained the park and its numerous rose bushes. Soon the area reverted to a grassy park area.

 In 1984 the Pratt Centennial Committee revived the use of the park. A “Concert in the Park” was created by the centennial committee and in 1986 a concrete stage was built and the city officially named the park “Centennial Park”.